The last news about religious Asian arts and antiques

  • Buddha’s relics at National Museum to be on display in Thailand

    The pagoda constructed by the Thai government in Bangkok to enshrine the relics. Ministry of Culture The relics fall under the ‘AA’ (rare) category of antiquities and art treasures and are not meant to be lent for exhibitions, within India or in foreign nations. But the exposition in Thailand was being held upon a “special […]

  • Avalokiteshvara, saviour of the sea merchant

    The multi-headed Avalokiteshvara comes in many forms, including female deities such as Guanyin from China, and marks a time when Buddhism was the religion of tradespeople From Ajanta Cave 1 in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, comes the famous mural of a rather delicate-looking Avalokiteshvara Padmapani, a bodhisattva who holds a lotus flower in his hand and […]

  • Young artisans revive ancient wooden Buddha statues

    It’s a sight to behold ― three young women working intently on a pair of centuries-old, towering wooden statues. They are chipping away at a sun-faded coat of paint in one corner of the workshop, and using resin to fill in a pocket of wormholes in another. Protection and preservation The trio in their 30s […]

  • Kushinagar, the archaeological dig where Buddha attained ‘mahaparinirvan’

    A small shrine at the place of Buddha’s last meal in Faizal Nagar (Fazilnagar) Kushinagar is the place where Gautam Buddha chose to die and attend mahaparinirvan — the Sanskrit term which means nirvana after death. Today, Kushinagar is a small sleepy hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, not far from the Nepal border. A short distance […]

  • A trip to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, on the India-Nepal border

    The Maya Devi Temple has a pond that dates back to the time of Lord Siddhartha’s birth A statue of infant Buddha in the Lumbini complex Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha. Today, Lumbini is located in Nepal and along with Bodh Gaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar forms the famous Buddhist circuit. Bodh Gaya is the […]

  • Japan. Temple’s ancient Buddhist statue turns heads with hidden images

    FUKUYAMA, Hiroshima Prefecture–The hollowed out head of an ancient Buddhist statue kept at the Myooin temple here revealed sheet after sheet of “washi” traditional paper adorned with images of the revered religious figure. The discovery followed the dismantling of the Maitreya statue, designated as an important cultural asset by Hiroshima Prefecture, for repair work. There were […]

  • Pasadena, Norton Simon Museum’s captivating Buddha exhibition culminates February

    The exhibition “Benevolent Beings: Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from South and Southeast Asia” will bid farewell to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena next month.  This captivating showcase delves into the realm of protective deities, exploring how their representations have provided blessings, guidance, and security to devoted followers. The exhibition features a diverse array of Buddhas from […]

  • Ramayana in Southeast Asia: Ram is considered reincarnation of Buddha in Laos

    Rama Katha, Rama’s journey as a prince, his battle for recovering his wife Sita from the captivity of Lankan King Ravana, are among the world’s greatest poems. The story starts from India and goes to south-eastern countries. It is an important thread in studying culture, religion, history, and literature. The story became so ingrained in […]

  • Why did these monks in Japan choose to mummify themselves?

    Enclosed in a shrine, the skeletal frame of a man is posed in meditation, legs crossed beneath bright abbot’s robes while his bony hands rest on top. Thin, leathery skin stretches across what’s visible of his body. At first glance, what springs to mind is a single word: mummy. But to devotees of ascetic Buddhist […]

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