Feng Shui: These 5 Feng Shui Items You Should Bring to Your Home For Good Luck and Money Pipa News

You can bring happiness, prosperity to your home by decorating your home. Seems impossible and unreasonable? It is possible if you follow simple feng shui tricks. Just as we follow Vastu Shastra to increase the flow of positive energy, Feng Shui is popular among the Chinese. Feng Shui helps to infuse positive energy into the home through showpieces or home furnishings. Feng Shui tricks can change fortune. Chinese Vastu Shastra mentions certain things which, if kept at home, will bring prosperity in your life in the New Year.

turtle- You can keep turtle in the house to improve the financial condition. According to feng shui there are two types of turtles namely metal turtles and crystal turtles. Metal Tortoise should be placed facing north side of the house. This improves the financial condition. Success comes in business and job. And keep the crystal turtle facing the inside of the room. It maintains love, happiness among family members.

owl- In Hinduism, the owl is the vehicle of the goddess Lakshmi. And Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth, prosperity. According to feng shui, if you want to get rid of financial problems quickly, you can keep an owl showpiece in the house. Owl helps to improve financial condition.

Laughing Buddha- Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Keeping a Laughing Buddha statue at home is considered very auspicious. Even the Laughing Buddha statue has special significance in Feng Shui. If you keep a small statue of Laughing Buddha at home, you will notice improvement in your life.

Wind Chime- Wind chimes should be installed in front of the main door of the house, in the balcony or in the open window. Wind chimes have special significance in Feng Shui. The more sound the wind chime produces, the more positive energy it creates in the room. It will also improve your financial condition.
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bamboo plant- You might think that bamboo plants can cause problems in your life. But this idea is wrong. Rather, according to feng shui, bamboo plants help improve financial conditions. The bamboo tree is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.