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  • 8th-century idol with inscription of Lord Buddha unearthed at Rameswar temple in Puri

    After a thorough inspection, the members of the INTACH claimed that the inscriptions are of the seventh or eighth century. Rameswar temple located at Bageswarpur village under Pipili tehsil in Puri district belongs to the 8th century. A team of the Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH) confirmed this after a thorough […]

  • Bronze Buddha fetches a record $200K at Briggs Auction

    A rare and important gilt bronze Tibetan Buddha blasted through its pre-sale estimate to finish at a staggering $200,000 in an online Fine Estates Auction recently held by Briggs Auction Inc. in Garnet Valley. The piece, pulled from an estate on the Main Line, generated auction fever from almost the moment it was posted until […]

  • Laos’ Buddha Park: Why It’s One Of The Most Remarkable Buddhist Sculpture Parks In The World

    The Buddha Park near Vientiane is one of the most bizarre and rewarding attractions in Laos and not be missed. Laos is a Buddhist-majority country in Southeast Asia and is a great place to backpack through. Laos is often visited as a part of a larger tour in Southeast Asia – including the more popular […]

  • Remnants of temple made of sandstone found in Preah Vihear

    Preah Vihear provincial authorities discovered remnants of an ancient sandstone temple at Kulen Tboung commune in Kulen district yesterday. Called Neang Ngor, the abandoned temple is located three kilometres away from Ba Taing temple in Kulen Tboung village. Nov Chankong, director of Preah Vihear provincial Department of Culture and Fine arts, said yesterday that they […]

  • Fourteen Buddha images unearthed in Borikhamxay​ cave , Laos

    VIENTIANE : Local residents made an exciting discovery of 14 Buddha images, 22 swords and a gong inside a cave in Nadee village in Viengthong district, Borikhamxay province. Based on their appearance, local authorities believe they could be antiquities and have asked archaeologists to verify the age of the artefacts. Director of the Borikhamxay​ provincial​ […]

  • Buddha statue found in Egypt points to ancient India links

    A statue of Buddha has been discovered in Egypt’s ancient seaport of Berenice on the Red Sea, shedding light on trade ties with India under the Roman empire. A Polish-US mission discovered the statue “dating back to the Roman era while digging at the ancient temple in Berenice”, an antiquities ministry statement said on Wednesday. […]

  • Singapore, Four-faced Buddha exits Golden Mile Complex

    SINGAPORE – The famous statue of Phra Phrom – the god of good fortune and protection in Thailand – at Golden Mile Complex has vacated its shrine of more than two decades. Also known in Singapore as the four-faced Buddha, the statue will be relocated to Leong San See Temple in Race Course Road. Worshippers […]

  • Making of a sand-mandala

    Mandala, lit. ‘circle’, is a geometric configuration of symbols. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction… A mandala generally represents a spiritual journey, starting from outside to the […]

  • Ancient Gandhara: Greek Art and Buddhist Statuary

    When the ancient devotees of the Buddha Shakyamuni first represented “the enlightened one” in visual form, it was to Greek art that they turned, brought by Alexander the Great to the northwestern corner of the Indian subcontinent. In the region known as Gandhara, a flourishing Buddhist culture, they adopted the naturalism of Greek sculpture but […]

  • Tiny Ming dynasty Buddha found in WA dunes to be auctioned after BBC’s Antiques Roadshow appearance

    A tiny bronze Buddha statue found in the dunes of a WA beach is set to be auctioned off for around $100,000 after its origins were confirmed on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. Identified as a rare Ming dynasty collectable, the discovery of the statue in 2018 set off fierce debate among historians about how on […]