Month: June 2020

  • Qingzhou’s mysterious Buddhas

    It might be one of the most exciting archeological finds of 20th century China. More than 400 delicate Buddha statues, carved between the 5th and 6th centuries, had slept underground for almost 2,000 years until they were unearthed by accident in the small, quiet city of Qingzhou, Shandong Province, in 1996. A bulldozer driver felt […]

  • Hilarious Buddha sculptures in ancient temple were restored a little too much

    The Laughing Buddha statues, dating back over 1500 years, were restored after a village crowdfunding project. But some think that the restoration went a shade too far. Rib-tickling images emerging from a small Chinese town show that the notorious “Monkey Christ” isn’t the only hilarious art restoration on the block. Fourteen ‘Laughing Buddhas’ with side-splitting […]

  • How the 50 ‘birth-tales’ of Buddha spread from Thailand to the rest of Southeast Asia

    The Paññāsa Jātaka contain stories outside the Buddhist canon. Paññāsa Jātaka are extra-canonical Birth Tales of the Buddha. Their origin is usually associated with Northern Thailand, or the former kingdom of Lānnā. However, many such extra-canonical Birth Tales found their way into the literatures of neighbouring peoples, such as the Thai of Central Thailand and […]

  • 3200 kg Buddha Statue airlifted

    A statue of the Samadhi Buddha statue weighing over 3,200 kg and a height of seven and a half feet was airlifted today to be placed at the historical Mulkirigala Rajamaha Viharaya. The Sri Lanka Air Force said that the statue of the Buddha was taken by air from the Weeraketiya Mandaduwa Stadium about 3 […]

  • Fifth Century Statue of Lord Buddha in Kushinagar –

    Here is the fifth century statue of Lord Buddha, you may be stunned to know its speciality The statue of Lord Buddha discovered throughout the excavation of Lord Buddha at Mahaparinirvana website Kushinagar is believed to be of the fifth century. The greatest characteristic of this mendacity statue is that when seen from totally different […]

  • A new Buddha statue rises above Bangkok

    Paknam Bhasicharoen Temple was shut amid the crisis, and reopened partly after the government announced the third phase of lockdown relaxation. (Via The Nation/File) Thonburi district in Bangkok unveiled its new landmark, an imposing statue of the Buddha that rises 69 meters above the ground — about the height of a 20-story building. The statue, […]