Month: August 2022

  • Other Ancient Buddhas Revealed as Water Levels Drop in China’s Yangtze River

    When outdoor enthusiast Gu Yunfeng heard that a once-submerged island had emerged in the Yangtze River, housing three Buddha statues, he decided to go swimming to see the 600-year-old Buddha statues. . A plummeting water level in the Yangtze River in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing has revealed a statue believed to be 600 […]

  • Leshan Grand Buddha shows its whole body due to the drought

    Affected by continuous high temperature and low precipitation, the river flow of the Dadu River, Qingyi River, and Minhe River has diminished significantly in Leshan, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The Leshan Grand Buddha, located at the confluence of the three rivers, is the tallest stone Buddha statue (71 meters in height) in the world. Recently, […]

  • Restored Buddha Statues on Display in Cambodian Museum

    The centuries-old Buddha statues were taken by conservationists from the Angkor Wat’sPreahPoan gallery and restored by the Angkor Conservation’s experts, the news release said. Pen Chamrong, acting director of the PreahNorodom Sihanouk-Angkor Museum, said the exhibition starting in May was conducted on the advice of PhoeurngSackona, the Cambodian minister of culture and fine arts, after […]

  • 5 top Buddhist sites in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is a religiously diverse country, with people from every religion and all walks of life living together. Although Buddhism comprises a very small percentage of the population, there are Buddhist temples and monasteries aplenty, especially due to Bengal’s rich Buddhist heritage. These places of worship exude peace and tranquillity. Some are decorated exceptionally well, […]

  • A unique statue of Lord Buddha suddenly came out after heavy rain experts are investigating history

    Buddha pendant found at Mohenjo daro: Due to heavy rains in Pakistan, life has become paralyzed. During this rain, a unique antiquity has been found near Mohenjo-daro, an archaeological site in Sindh province, which is called ‘Buddha pendant’. Now the opinion of experts has been sought to establish the manufacturing period and age of this […]

  • ‘Hindu Deity’ Worshiped In Tamil Nadu Village Temple Turns Out To Be Lord Buddha

    The Madras High Court has ordered the Archaeological Department to take control of the Thalaivetti Muniyappan temple in Periyeri Village of Salem District in Tamil Nadu after it was found that the sculpture there was of Lord Buddha. The Madras HC, in a recent order also banned pooja and other Hindu rituals there and directed […]