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  • Taliban now guard site of Bamiyan Buddhas they destroyed

    Taliban gunmen now stand guard at the gaping rock cavities that once housed two ancient statues of the Buddha – desecrated with dynamite by the Islamists during their last stint in power. The monuments in Bamiyan province had stood for 1,500 years but their destruction was ordered in 2001 by that regime – already infamous […]

  • Should a deity have two arms or more?

    The earliest Hindu iconography showing a four-armed Vishnu has been found in Malhar in Madhya Pradesh, dating to 100 BCE In Kushan coins, minted over 1,800 years ago, we come across images of a woman holding the horn of plenty. She is identified with the Roman Goddess Fortuna, the Greek goddess Tyche, the Central Asian […]

  • Afghanistan: Years after dynamiting Buddha statues, Taliban vow to preserve empty niches in Bamiyan

    A Taliban member said the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed in 2001 because of religious ideology. Two monumental statues of Buddha were created on either ends of a cliff side in Bamiyan during the sixth century The Bamiyan Buddhas were once the tallest standing Buddhas in the world Approximately 780 historical monuments can be found in […]

  • National Museum to open Buddha galleries soon, arms gallery in 2 months

    National Museum building on Janpath is among buildings proposed to be demolished as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project and the museum itself moved to North and South Block The National Museum’s extensive collections are set to be displayed in new locations in the city, with galleries on Buddhist art expected to be opened […]

  • Cambodian Ministry seeking modifications to statues of Buddha

    The Battambang provincial Department of Cults and Religions is seeking permission for sculptors to make modifications to the Buddha statues which are under construction on the face of Phnom Sampov Mountain after inaccuracies were discovered during a recent inspection. Department director Kun Sambath Moniroth said on September 12 that the people sponsoring the construction had […]

  • Ancient artefacts including Buddha heads looted from Unesco site amid Afghan turmoil

    The items were stolen from a storage facility belonging to a French archaeological team working to conserve the site Excavated Buddha heads and other items have been looted from the storage facility of a French archaeological team involved in conserving and restoring the famous Bamiyan site in central Afghanistan, a Unesco World Heritage Site, it […]

  • The Magnificent Borobudur Temple Of Indonesia

    The Borobudur Temple Compounds is the world’s largest Buddhist monument, measuring roughly 63 acres. It is a Mahayana Buddhist temple located in Java, Indonesia, with many experts believing it was built during the rule of the Sailendra Dynasty (c. 650-1025 CE). UNESCO designated the Borobudur Temple Compounds as a World Heritage Site in 1991 due […]

  • ASI expert claims discovery of two lost vajrasanas in Bodhgaya

    Different emperors and kings had down the centuries installed three so-called diamond thrones or enlightenment thrones under the famous Bodhi (peepal) tree An Archaeological Survey of India expert has claimed to have discovered the two lost vajrasanas or “diamond thrones” of the Buddha in Bodhgaya, one lying broken and unnoticed in the Mahabodhi Temple compound […]

  • 1,600-year-old Buddha statue’s feet restored in NW China

    The restoration of the feet of a 1,600-year-old stone Buddha in Tianti Mountain Grottoes has been completed. The Buddha statue of the site’s No.13 grotto in northwest China’s Gansu Province was built on fragile red sandstone beside a reservoir. Years of water seepage and weathering damaged parts of the statue, including the feet. The restoration […]