Nepal pavilion with Buddha statue main attraction at Beijing Expo 2019

KATHMANDU: The Nepal pavilion set up in ‘Beijing Expo-2019’ has been the attraction of the visitors.  The pavilion with a 15 feet tall statue of Gutam Buddha in meditation  posture in the middle, was inaugurated by President Bidya Devi Bhandari  on April 28 during her state visit to China has been visited by around  100,000 visitors in 15 days alone, said Binayak Shah, national  coordinator of the Implementing Expert Group, the organizer of the  pavilion.
 A Lumbini Peace Garden has also been created. The pavilion installation  aims to attract Chinese investors and technology and big Chinese  projects related to agriculture, forest and medicinal herbs of Nepal, he  said.
 Likewise, it helps to spread an awareness that Buddha was born in Nepal,  expose natural environment and human lifestyle of Nepal and promote  ‘Visit Nepal Year, 2020’ read a statement issued today by the Hotel  Association of Nepal. The Expo 2019 with the slogan ‘green life: best  life’ aims to create a new horizon for world horticulture and new model  of ecological civilisation.
 A formal programme to be attended by high level Nepali and Chinese  delegations is scheduled to take place in the Expo on September 19 on  the occasion of Nepal Day.
 On the occasion, musical programmes showing Nepal’s art and culture and a  good fair featuring Nepal’s local food items would be held, said Shah.  Held in a huge park of over 500 hectares of land, at the foot of the  world famous Great Wall of China, the Expo is the world’s largest  horticultural show. The Expo that lasts six months is expected to  attract approximately 16 million visitors from all over the world. Over  110 countries have exhibited floricultural and horticultural products,  cultural heritage and are promoting tourism.