Phraya Nakhon Cave To Batu Caves: 8 Unique Cave Temples To Visit

Discover mystical wonders beneath the Earth surface with our list of must-visit cave temples worldwide, each a testament to history and spirituality.

Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand


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Phraya Nakhon Cave, among the world’s most photographed temples, is a boat ride away. Its natural light reveals mesmerising beauty, enchanting all who visit.

Batu Caves, Malaysia


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Situated on a limestone hill in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Batu Caves are believed to be over 400 million years old. 

Dambulla Cave, Sri Lanka


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The Golden Temple of Dambulla, Sri Lanka’s largest cave temple complex, showcases vibrant murals and statues, reflecting its rich Buddhist heritage.

Pindaya Cave, Myanmar


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Nestled in Myanmar’s Myelat region, Pindaya Cave is a Buddhist pilgrimage site adorned with thousands of Buddha images. The mystical aura of this cave and its rich religious history make it top place.

Khao Luang Cave, Thailand


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Near Phetchaburi, Thailand, Khao Luang Cave holds countless Buddha statues. Its serene ambience attracts spiritual seekers, making it a must-visit spot.

Yungang Grottoes, China


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The Yungang Grottoes in China, near Datong in Shanxi province, showcase intricate Buddhist carvings and caves, embodying China’s rich heritage.

Badami Caves, India


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Dating back to the late 6th to 7th centuries, the Badami Caves in India showcase remarkable rock-cut temples. These exquisite structures provide a glimpse into the architectural and artistic.

Ajanta Caves, India


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In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Ajanta Caves boast 30+ rock-cut Buddhist caves from 2nd to 650 CE, rich in ancient art and spiritual significance.