APSARA National Authority restores three Buddha statues at Bakan tower of Angkor Wat temple

The APSARA National Authority has been restoring three more Buddha statues at Bakan tower of Angkor Wat Temple, after the restoration of a statue.

The restoration project began in early February 2022 and is scheduled to take five months to complete, said the authority in a news release.

The Buddha statues at Bakan tower have been damaged due to natural factors as well as bat urine, and the moisture and salinity of the urine damaged the statues, explained Mr. Soy Sophearin, Technical Officer of the Department of Conservation of Monuments and Preventive Archeology of the APSARA National Authority, adding that the team removed the old net to replace the new one. Hopefully, he said, the bats will no longer be able to stay at the above location.

The project to restore the Buddha statues is a cooperation between the APSARA National Authority and the private sector.

In November 2020, experts of the APSARA National Authority completed the restoration of a Buddha statue in the south of Bakan tower. Phal Sophanith – AKP