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  • Rare Buddha relics found 125 years ago coming to S’pore from Sri Lanka for Nov. 24-29 exhibition

    If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, the Rise of Asia Museum at Haw Par Villa will be displaying some rare relics from Sri Lanka’s Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Temple Waskaduwa. These are the Kapilavastu Buddha Relics and they will be in Singapore for the first time, and for a short while: Nov. 24 […]

  • ‘Faces of Sanxingdui’: Bronze Age relics shed light on mysterious ancient kingdom

    A golden face with patinaed turquoise eyes stares out of the darkness. Illuminated around it stand three other bronze heads — some have flat tops, others round — all looked over by a giant bronze statue almost 9 feet high. All have the same piercing, angular eyes. There’s something about the “Faces of Sanxingdui” — […]

  • Buddha statues created 1,400 years ago in SW China’s Sichuan damaged with colorful paints by local worshipper villagers

    A set of Buddha statues created 1,400 years ago in Bazhong city, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, was damaged with colorful paints by local worshipper villagers who expected to “redeem a wish to the god” with “make-up.” Experts have been invited by local authorities to restore the cultural relics. The Shifeihe Buddha statues carved on the […]

  • Tibetan Buddhist monks present the Mandala arts in the USA

    Tibetan monks are coming back to St. Pete, and you can vote on art they’ll make It’s been four years since the Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in India brought their Sacred Art Tour to St. Petersburg. And with all that’s happened during that period, we could all use some positive intention. […]


    “Wary of guides, I always preferred to look at ancient sites for myself rather than through a haze of verbiage. In this instance what my eye look afresh, was something more like fantasy of colossal figures carved on the base of rock which rose to a height of 70 feet. They were giant size, upright […]

  • Guangzhou’s Buddhist temple features prominent cultural relics for first time

    Guangzhou’s Buddhist temple features prominent cultural relics for first time, cements cultural bonds between Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Amid the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Chan Buddhism Culture Festival, the exhibition themed “Passing Down Dharma: Nanhua Buddhist Temple in The Past 1500 years,” kicked off at the Nanhua Temple, with a total of 53 pieces of […]

  • Motomachi Stone Buddha: A stone carving that has stood the test of time

    Designated as a national historic site by the Japanese government in 1934, the Motomachi Stone Buddha is a stone carving on a cliffside in a quiet part of Oita City that has stood the test of time. Between hot springs soaks and delicious toriten (tempura fried chicken), hallmarks of a great trip to Oita, make […]

  • The Creative World of 5 Buddhist Artists

    These five leading artists are offering new and intriguing takes on Buddhist imagery. For more, explore a selection of Buddhist art in the 17th Annual Lion’s Roar Auction, beginning November 13. Rima Fujita, “Chödpa 2,” 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 58 x 46 inches. Art © Rima Fujita Rima Fujita A descendant of samurai, Rima […]

  • Japan’s Temples and Shrines: A Spiritual Journey

    Japan, a land of ancient traditions, offers a spiritual journey. Amidst its bustling cities and breathtaking natural landscapes, you’ll find a treasure trove of temples and shrines that resonate with centuries of history, culture, and reverence.  Let’s embark on a virtual tour of some of the temples in Japan and spiritually significant places. Kinkakuji Temple […]