The Buddha Museum and Stupa near Vaishali is gonna be ready by 2021

How many of you know that a museum called Buddha Samyak Darshan and a Stupa called Buddha Memorial Stupa is constructed near Vaishali, Bihar?

Well, those of you who don’t know, to promote tourism, the state government is constructing this museum and stupa near 60 km north of Vaishali, Bihar.

While inspecting the construction works, the state chief minister, Nitish Kumar said, Vaishali has its own historical and religious importance as it is directly related to Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira. Also, to promote tourism we thought to build a museum and stupa here so that Buddha followers who every year visit Bodh Gaya and Rajgir should also visit this museum and stupa.

This place will be unique in the sense that, After Mahaparinirvana of Lord Budda, his mortal remains were distributed into eight parts and the Memorial Stupa is gonna house one of the Mortal remains of Lord Buddha.

During an archaeological excavation back in 1958 and 1960, the mortal remains of lord buddha was recovered which was earlier kept in the mud stupa in Vaishali by the then Lichchhavi King of Vaishali Republic. But later the mud stupa was protected as an archaeological site and the same mortal remains of lord buddha were kept safely at Patna Museum which is not planned to be kept at this ongoing newly made Memorial Stupa.

The State Government has said, to construct the museum and stupa, the government has already acquired 72 acres of land in Vaishali and the cost to construct this project is estimated to be Rs 315 crores.

The Bihar Chief Minister has reportedly said, this Museum and Stupa will be completed by 2021.